Ballzcoin Mining Guide

This page includes a guide to solo or pool mining Ballzcoin, and a list of known mining pools.

Mining Ballzcoin

Ballzcoin is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency. New coins are generated using mining software, utilizing the computational power of your graphics card. Whilst this page is not intended to be an introduction to cryptocurrency mining, the instructions are written with beginners in mind.

There are two ways to mine Ballzcoin

  • Solo mining
  • Pool mining

The best method will depend on the current network hash rate and the size of your mining rig (number of graphics cards). If the hash rate is relatively low, solo mining will generate a useful number of coins. If the hash rate is very high, then it may make more sense to join a pool, and take a share of the pool reward. The best way to find out is to give it a try!

Solo Mining

These instructions are based on Claymore. To download Claymore, go to the official thread on Bitcointalk.

Before getting started, download the Ballzcoin client binary and set up an account.

Client Binaries

Then follow these steps:

  • Start ballzcoin in console mode with RPC port open: 'ballzcoin console --rpc'
  • Wait for network synchronization. Within about 15 seconds, you should start seeing 'Imported new chain segment blocks = n' appear on the screen (n being a number between 1 and 2048). When n drops to 1, the entire chain has been imported, and you can start mining.
  • Start mining with Claymore: 'ethdcrminer64 -allcoins 1 -retrydelay 10 -epool '

Pool Mining

For pool mining, pick a pool from the list below. Command line instructions should be provided on the pool web page.

Please note: these pools are all operated by third parties, not by the Ballzcoin development team.