Ballzcoin is a light-hearted cryptocurrency project based on the Ethereum source code. It is a decentralized peer to peer digital currency with a Proof of Work based blockchain, launched in September 2018.

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Ballzcoin Philosophy and Goals

The general philosophy of Ballzcoin is to keep the project fun, friendly, and 100% open source. The primary goals of Ballzcoin are as follows:

  • To encourage talking about our balls! Men’s health charities will be supported via the block reward. But wait a minute! Ballzcoin is an equal opportunities cryptocurrency, and so women’s and children’s health charities will also be supported.
  • Provide an alternative decentralized Proof of Work based blockchain to run EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contracts and DApps, without a future transition to Proof of Stake.
  • Encourage and incentivize the development of DApps to run on the Ballzcoin network, with an emphasis on fun DApps, especially games. This will include providing resources to game developers to make it easier to incorporate Ballzcoin into the game code.
  • Implement a difficulty adjustment algorithm that responds rapidly to changes in mining hash rate, to maintain the target average block time under changing network conditions.


The basic specification is as follows:

  • PoW algorithm: Ethash
  • Difficulty adjustment algorithm: Ballzcoin (the difficulty is adjusted rapidly after every block, proportionally to network hash rate)
  • Total supply: Approximately 35 million coins after 5 years
  • Average block time: 15 seconds
  • Block reward (miner): Staggered from 5 coins in year 1 to 0.5 coins from year 6
  • Block reward (charity): Equivalent to 5% of miner reward, split between 10 charities who will independently hold the charity accounts

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To get started with Ballzcoin, the first step is to download a wallet and create an account:

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Or go straight to the Ballzcoin Web Wallet:

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Want to own some Ballzcoin? Start mining!

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Or buy and sell on a cryptocurrency exchange:


Day to day life can be stressful at times, and it is easy to take good health for granted. From time to time, it is important to take a step back and focus on the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our families. Ballzcoin will be playing a small part, by donating 5% of the block reward to charities associated with peoples health. There are 10 account addresses embedded into the source code that will start accumulating Ballzcoin approximately 6 months after the launch date. The goal is to distribute the private keys to the 10 charity accounts before the 6 months is up. We are keen to hear from any charities who would like to be gifted a charity account! If you would like to nominate a charity, or represent a charity who is interested in receiving an account, please get in touch! The only pre-requisites are that the charity must be registered, and must be associated in some way with people's health.

Source Code

Ballzcoin is a 100% open source project. All source code is available on Github.

Source Code

Road Map

This is the current project road map. Key short term goals are identified from Initial Release to Q1 2019. Ongoing goals have no set time limit, and will be implemented anytime from Initial Release onwards.

  • Initial Release September 2018
    100% Complete!

    All source code made public on Github.

    Linux and Windows Ballzcoin client binaries released (incorporating command line wallet).

    Linux and Windows GUI wallets released.

  • Q4 2018
    50% Complete

    Generate awareness of Ballzcoin amongst miners and pool operators to build hash rate and establish a stable network.

    Release official blockchain explorer.

    Release website and start distributing charity accounts.

  • Q1 2019
    0% Complete

    All charity accounts distributed.

    Release web wallet.

    First exchange listing.

  • Ongoing
    0% Complete

    Incentivize the development and deployment of DApps on the Ballzcoin network by third parties. This will include providing resources to game developers to make it easier to incorporate Ballzcoin into the game code.

    Periodic client updates to coincide with major upgrades and important bug fixes to the original Go Ethereum client.

    Update GUI wallets.

    Additional exchange listings.

    Expansion of the Ballzcoin team, as required.

    Promotion and awareness of Ballzcoin to maintain the value of the underlying currency, and retain the support of miners in securing the network.

Frequently asked questions

The users! Ballzcoin is a decentralized peer to peer digital currency. The project is maintained and steered by the development team, but is not owned by a central organization or company.
Yes! Ballzcoin is a 100% open source project. All source code is available on Github.
No! Whenever a block is mined, 5% of the block reward is donated to 10 registered charities who are independent of Ballzcoin.
No! To obtain Ballzcoin, users must either mine the currency, or trade with other users on a cryptocurrency exchange.
No! Ballzcoin has a stand-alone blockchain. It is not a token created to run on top of a third party blockchain.
No! Ballzcoin is a decentralized peer to peer digital currency. Coins can be sent and received as payment between individuals, and swapped for other cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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